The Teachers
Viktoria Zaripova, Janusz Mazon, Ann Drower,
Stacey Denham, Christian Schön, Carolina Borrajo,
Leslie Hughes, Anna Urban, Gigi Hyatt, Kevin Haigen


Prof. John Neumeier
Pedagogical Principal
and Deputy Director
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Pedagogical Supervisor
  Irina Jacobson

Carolina Borrajo
Ann Drower
Kevin Haigen
Leslie Hughes
Gigi Hyatt
Janusz Mazon
Anna Urban
Christian Schön
Stacey Denham (Guest)
Viktoria Zaripova (Guest)

Academic Teachers

Janusz Mazon
Nicola Bronisch (Guest)
Helga Gustafsson (Guest)
Mark Hahnemann (Guest)
Victor Hughes (Guest)


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Hye-Yeon Kim
Hisano Kobayashi
Iryna Menshykova
Mayo Shimomura
Adam Szvoren
Irina Tchaikova

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Karolina Machul
Elfride Silem





Gigi Hyatt is German-American. She received her training in her hometown Berlin with Tatiana Gsovsky and continued it from 1974 in Munich with Konstanze Vernon at the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung. In 1982, Gigi Hyatt joined the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier. In her first season she was already pro- moted to demi-soloist. In her second season, she became a soloist and in 1986 a principal dancer. She created several leading roles with John Neumeier, including Desdemona in "Othello", Solveig in "Peer Gynt", Cinderella, Undine and Viola/Feste in "VIVALDI or What You Will". In 1997, she ended her career on stage and moved to the USA. She first was ballet mistress and teacher at The Georgia Ballet and School (Marietta, Georgia, USA), and in 2004 became Artistic Director. At the beginning of the 2013/14 season, Gigi Hyatt took over as Pedagogical Principal and Deputy Director of the School of the Hamburg Ballet.


Irina Jacobson was educated in Leningrad by Agrippina Vaganova and later danced at the Kirov Ballet. After her marriage with the Soviet choreographer Leonid Jacobson (1904-1975), she worked as his assistant until he died and then joined the Bolshoi Ballet as a ballet mistress. In 1982 she emigrated to America and worked as a greatly sought-after ballet mistress in San Francisco, at the Royal Ballet in London, at the Dutch National Ballet, at the Bavarian State Ballet and at the Hamburg Ballet, where she has been a pedagogical advisor since 1985 and coaches the company as a guest ballet mistress.


Kevin Haigen was born in Miami, Florida. He trained at the School of American Ballet and the American Ballet Theater School. He danced with the American Ballet Theatre before joining the Hamburg Ballet in 1976, and was promoted to principal in 1977. John Neumeier created roles for him including Joseph in "The Legend of Joseph", Puck and Petruschka. He also worked with Nederlands Dans Theater, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo (as a dancer, ballet master and choreographer), English National Ballet and finally Béjart Ballet Lausanne (1988-1991). Kevin Haigen returned to the Hamburg Ballet in 1991 as Ballet Master for the company and teacher for the school. In 2006 he was promoted to principal ballet master. Kevin Haigen is frequently invited as guest teacher. He worked as choreographer for the ballet schools in Vienna and Hamburg as well as for the Hamburg Ballet. Donya Feuer created a documentary about him called "The Work of Utopia". Since 2011 he has also been Artistic and Pedagogical Director of the newly founded National Youth Ballet.


Carolina Borrajo was born in Zaragoza, Spain. She was trained at the Marìa de Ávila Ballet School in her native town and at the School of the Hamburg Ballet. After her first engagement at the Ballet Classico de Zaragoza, she was a soloist at Bonn Opera, at the Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden and at the Lucerne Theatre. She received her diploma as a children's dance teacher and stage dance teacher at the State University of Performing Arts in Mannheim. In August 2008 she took up a position on the teaching faculty of the School of the Hamburg Ballet.


Ann Drower was born in Wimbeldon, England and was educated at the Royal Ballet School in London. She danced with companies across Germany (including engagements as a soloist in Kiel, Krefeld and Hanover) and was a member of the Hamburg Ballet from 1976 to 1982. Since retiring from the company she has run the preparatory classes of the School of the Hamburg Ballet. As ballet mistress for the school, she is also responsible for rehearsing the roles in productions of the Hamburg Ballet that are danced by students of the school. In 2011 Ann Drower helped to stage John Neumeier’s ballet "Illusions – like ’Swan Lake’" with the Bavarian State Ballet in Munich.


Leslie Hughes was born in Atlanta, USA. She studied ballet in her hometown and in New York at the American Ballet Center (school of the Joffrey Ballet) and School of American Ballet Theater. She was offered her first contract with the Hamburg Ballet where she advanced to demi-soloist. She also performed in Tours, France, with the Atlanta Ballet and with the Stadtheater Bern in Switzerland. In 2002 Leslie completed her certificate for teaching the Vaganova method from the Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest. She taught first at the École de Danse de Genève and then moved on as ballet mistress with ballettmainz, where she assisted Martin Schläpfer by numerous creations as well as rehearsing ballets from Hans van Manen, George Balanchine, Kurt Joos and many others. She also taught at the Conservatory in Vienna from 2005 to 2013. Since 2013 Leslie Hughes has been part of the teaching faculty of the School of the Hamburg Ballet.


Janusz Mazon was born in Bytom, Poland and trained for nine years at the ballet school there. In 1980 he was offered a contract with the ballet company of the Warsaw State Opera. In 1985 he joined the Hamburg Ballet. He advanced to soloist in 1989 and to principal in 1993. He danced many of the leading roles in the repertoire of the Hamburg Ballet as well as creating new roles in John Neumeier's ballets. In 1997 he moved to the USA where he graduated with a degree as Doctor of Chiropractic in 2002. While maintaining his work in his chiropractic office, he was also ballet master for The Georgia Ballet School and Company. Janusz Mazon returned to Hamburg in 2013 where he took up a position on the teaching faculty of the School of the Hamburg Ballet.


Anna Urban (Polikarpova) was born in Tomsk, Russia and studied at the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg. In 1988 she joined the Mariinsky Ballet and became a soloist in 1989. In 1992 she joined the Hamburg Ballet as a soloist and was promoted to principal in 1994. John Neumeier created numerous roles and soli for her including Penelope in "Odyssee", Ophelia in "Hamlet", Romola Nijinsky in "Nijinsky" and Arkadina in "The Seagull". The Swedish choreographer Mats Ek created for her "Meinungslose Weiden" and Gold Fairy in "The Sleeping Beauty". She also danced a wide-ranging repertory. After her education as a ballet teacher in Toronto at the Canada's National Ballet School under the supervision of Mavis Staines, Anna Urban teaches classical dance at the School of the Hamburg Ballet since the 2014/15 season. She has won numerous prizes, among them, silver Medal in the Maya competition and diploma in the Prix Benois de la Danse competition. Starred in various DVDs, for example in John Neumeier's "Illusions – like Swan Lake", in Yuri Grigorovich's "The Stone Flower" and Fokine's "Les Sylphides".


Christian Schön is from Hamburg and successfully completed his training at the School of the Hamburg Ballet. As a dancer he was part of the Dortmund Ballet, the Bonn Opera and the Ballet Theater Hagen. After his education as a ballet teacher in Toronto at Canada's National Ballet School, he worked in Maastricht, Netherlands. Since 2003 he has been teaching the elementary and intermediate boys and the Theatre Class boys, as well as pas de deux. He was a guest teacher at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden.


Stacey Denham was born in New York. She danced with the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre Repertory Company, the Clive Thompson Dance Company, with Judith Jamison, at the Washington D.C. City Ballet Company and at the Theater des Westens in Berlin. As a long-standing guest teacher she teaches the Theatre Classes in modern dance, based on the Horton-Technique. She is also in charge of the dance composition classes and co-ordinates the "Creativity Workshop" in the Ernst Deutsch Theater.


Viktoria Zaripova was born in Russia and trained as a ballet dancer at the State Ballet Academy in Perm according to the Vaganova method. She was engaged as a soloist and continued her training as a ballet teacher at the Cultural Institute, before continuing her solo career in St. Petersburg at the Maly Opera and Ballet Theatre. In the early 1990s she moved to Hamburg, where she has since worked as a teacher in numerous institutes, specializing in classical ballet, repertoire, character dance and choreography. Since August 2013 she has been teaching character dance as a guest teacher at the School of the Hamburg Ballet.


Indrani Delmaine was born in London, England where she completed her training as a ballet dancer and teacher. She then attended the John-Cranko-Ballett Akademie in Stuttgart before being offered her first contract by John Neumeier in 1977 for the Hamburg Ballet. She later danced with the Stuttgart Ballet for three years before returning to John Neumeier in Hamburg in 1982. Indrani Delmaine worked as a ballet teacher and on dance projects with the Hamburg Youth Orchestra, "Focus on Youth", TuSch Hamburg and workshops at the Leuphana University. Indrani Delmaine returned in 2013 as the Managing Co-ordinator of the School of the Hamburg Ballet.





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