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The School of the HAMBURG BALLET, established in 1978, trains young people from all over the world for a professional dance career. The syllabus gives priority to all aspects of classical-academic dance – such as pas de deux, pointe work, classical and contemporary variations, and Neumeier-repertoire. The syllabus also includes courses dedicated to the techniques of modern and character dance and is complemented by Pilates and strengthening classes. The syllabus puts a strong emphasis on classes in choreographic composition. The academic programme also includes anatomy, music theory and dance history.

All classes are held in the Ballettzentrum Hamburg – John Neumeier. This building, previously a high school for girls, is one of the last buildings designed by the famous Hamburg architect Fritz Schumacher. It has been converted into a training facility with nine studios, used by the HAMBURG BALLET, the National Youth Ballet and the school. Boarding facilities are also available within the building for 35 pupils.

Entrance examinations for pupils are held annually in spring. Preparatory classes are for children aged 7 to 9, professional ballet classes for those aged 10 to 16, and the Theatre Class programme for pupils aged 16 to 18. Prospective students will be tested on physical aptitude, rhythmic and improvisational talents, as well as their level of classical ballet technique in relation to their age.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL – by John Neumeier

First and foremost, I am a choreographer. Choreographic visions demand dancers - a group, a company to realize and develop ballets. To supply this group with technically well trained artist who understand and "speak" with their bodies my dance language, a school - closely connected to the company - was needed. It is the source and guarantee of continual renewal.

From the beginning, I envisaged a company with an unmistakable artistic identity. The extension of that vision is a school which combines the teaching of classical ballet and other dance forms with the practical experience of learning and working with a choreographer. A school with and without "style" - with "style" because it is attached to a specific company and to a particular choreographer, - without "style" because the classical training is strong and the curriculum includes a universal dance education preparing the student for the contemporary dance world.

The School of the Hamburg Ballet offers an intensive classical training including pas de deux and variations, complemented by instruction in modern dance, composition, and folk dance. This contemporary dance education is geared toward developing  artist, while preparing the students for work in a professional company - whether in Germany or a foreign country.

The Ballettzentrum building in Hamburg provides a roof for the intimated co-existence of school and company offering dance education surrounded by the constant presence, example and inspiration of a successfully functioning professional ensemble. This symbiosis of tradition and creation, of ballet "stars" and beginners makes it clear that ballet is a constantly developing and therefore very living language.

John Neumeier


Junior and Intermediate Classes 11-16 years (for boarding school)
Theatre Classes (Advanced) 16-18 years

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ballettzentrum Hamburg – John Neumeier
Caspar-Voght-Str. 54
20535 Hamburg

Here you can find an application form. If you are interested in auditioning for the school please return the completed form by FAX, email or post until April 10, 2015

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"Introduction to Ballet" at the School of The Hamburg Ballet

Tuesday, March 17, April 14, May 19 and June 16, 2015 | 4:00 PM


The School of the HAMBURG BALLETT – John Neumeier on tour in Stade
After the successful guest performances in 2009 and 2011 The School of the HAMBURG BALLET – John Neumeier will be performing this season again in Stade. On Saturday the 11th of April 2015 prospective graduates of the School will be dancing on the “Stadeum” stage "Petrushka-Variations" and excerpts from "Des Knaben Wunderhorn", both choreographed by John Neumeier as well as "Karneval der Tiere", choreographed by Demis Volpi.

Tel.: 0 41 41/40 91 40
Online at and at all STADEUM-booking offices
32,30 / 34,50 / 37,80 / 41,10 €
reduced for students: 16,90 / 18,00 / 19,65 / 21,30 €

Graduates of the School since 1978

who were/are in the company

Joseph Aitken, Maude Andrey, Anton Alexandrov, Aurore Lissitzky, Braulio Alvarez, Lucilia Alves, Mayo Arii, Stefanie Arndt, Silvia Azzoni, Silvano Ballone, Maria Baranova, Patrick Becker, Franziska Beckmann, Amélie Berthet, Radoslaw Boguski, Kristina Borbélyová, Stephan Bourgond, Jemina Bowring, Jacek Bres, Karin Brennan, Alison Brooker, Alexander Busch, Marie-Soizic Cabié, Laura Cazzaniga, Christelle Cennerelli, Florencia Chinellato, Zachary Clark, Hannah Coates, Antonin Comestaz, Philippa Cook, Orkan Dann, Peter Dingle, Ralf Dörnen, Catherine Dumont, Christopher Evans, Christina Fritschi, Agnès Galatoire, Massimo Garon, Andrzej Glosniak, Célicia Haas, Nicole Ham, Skye Harrison, Ulrike Hartmann, Anne-Catherine Haller, Yukichi Hattori, Vladimir Hayryan, Julia Hellmund, Anna Herrmann, Sonja Herrmann, Roger Höde, Natalia Horecna, Matias Iaconniani, Takeshi Ikeda, Futaba Ishizaki, Milan Jarosch, Marissa Jiménez, Emilija Jovanovic, Marc Jubete, Carsten Jung, Stella Kanatouri, Alison Kappes, Susanne Klement, Vladimir Kocic, Megumi Kondo, Viktor Koukal, Yosuke Kusano, Anna Laudere, Hocine Layada, Aljoscha Lenz, Marcelino Libao, Xue Lin, Carolina Lohfert, Carolina Mancuso, Klara Matyas, Kim David McCarthy, Aleix Martinez, Bettina Marup, Emilie Mazon, Arsen Megrabian, Cornelia Meierhans, Isadora Meza, Stephanie Minler, Ekaterina Mamrenko, Taisia Muratore, Mathias Nolte, Matias Oberlin, Yuka Oishi, Shintaro O-ue, Tomi Paasonen, Hayley Page, Yun-Su Park, Manuel Pelmus, Zhaoqian Peng, Percevale Perks, Nathalie Perriraz, Lidia Pettinicchio, Alban Pinet, Florian Pohl, Anna Rabsztyn, Lennart Radtke, Edvin Revazov, Dale Rhodes , Alexandre Riabko, Roberto Rigamonti, Sasha Riva, Lucia Rios, Paco Laguna, Valentina Scaglia, Sofia Schabus, Parvaneh Scharafali, Dominik Schoetschel, Alexandra Schmidt-Rieche, Megan Scott, Sakura Shimizu, Ben Shitrit, Joel Small, Emily Smith, Lucia Solari, Ines Sprenger, Jane Standish, Yohan Stegli, Karen Stephenson, Martin Stiefermann, Thomas Stuhrmann, Yaiza Coll, Maciej Sziszkowski, Alexandr Trusch, Konstantin Tselikov, Priscilla Tselikova, Jacek Tyski, Ivan Urban, Isadora Meza, Sophie Vergères, Constant Vigier, Miljana Vracaric, Lizhong Wang, Kiran West, Dirk Weyershausen, Anna-Lena Wieg, Chelsea Winter, Joanne White, Natalia Wojciechowska, Eliot Worrell, Dao Yuan Chen, Mariana Zanotto, Dina Zaripova

Graduates 2014

Professional Contracts for the 2014/2015 Season

Nami Aam   The Academy of Northern Ballet
Hitomi Kamafuchi   The Tokyo Ballet
Zinnia Nomura   Theater Krefeld / Mönchengladbach
Minju Kang   National Youth Ballet (Germany)
Kozue Tashiro   Landestheater Coburg (guest)
Siri Ell Lewis   Oregon Ballet Theater
Giorgia Giani   National Youth Ballet (Germany)
Giacomo Altovino   Ballet Dortmund Junior Company
Jaume Costa   Theater Hof (guest)
Carl van Godtsenhoven   Baverian State Ballet II
Federico Frigo   Landestheater Coburg
Riku Ito   Northern Ballet
Albert Nikolli   Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck
Matias Oberlin   The Hamburg Ballet
Alessandro Navarro   Ballet Vorpommern
Dann Wilkinson   Ballet Dortmund Junior Company
Valentin Thuet   Stadttheater Gießen
Aaron Steinberg   Sarasota Ballet
Arthur Stashak   Grand Theater Lódz
Illia Zakrevskyi   Theater Hof
Thomas Dobronyi   Cape Town City Ballet (guest)




Indrani Delmaine
Managing Co-ordinator
Ballettzentrum Hamburg
Caspar-Voght-Str. 54

T: (040) 21 11 88 -31
F: (040) 21 11 88 -88

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John Neumeier

Pedagogical Principal and
Deputy Director
Gigi Hyatt

Artistic & Administrative Staff

April 11, 2015

Excerpt from:
Petrushka Variations
Des Knaben Wunderhorn
The Carnival of the Animals

Stade, Stadeum | 7:00 PM



Since 1981, the association FREUNDE DES BALLETTZENTRUMS e.V. (friends of the ballet centre) supports young and talented dancers within the school of THE HAMBURG BALLET - JOHN NEUMEIER financially as well as idealistically.

What are the advantages of being a member?
Behind-the-scenes insights into The Hamburg Ballet
Tours through the ballet centre
Insights into rehearsals and invitations to dress (final) rehearsals
Priority on ticket orders for ballet shows, among others

Two more institutions support the work within the school of The Hamburg Ballet:
Ballettfreunde Hamburg e.V.
Charlotte Uhse-Stiftung

Where we are

at the Ballettzentrum Hamburg
Caspar-Voght-Strasse 54

near the subway station "Hasselbrook"
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The Hamburg Ballet
National Youth Ballet
Hamburg State Opera
Friends of the Ballet Center

Regularly talented young dancers selected for prizes by the jury of the "Prix de Lausanne" chose the School of The Hamburg Ballet to spend their scholarship year. Others choose to dance as an aspirant with the company of The Hamburg Ballet.

Past winners of this international competition who have chosen our school or company for their scholarship prize include Stefanie Arndt (1983), Jirí and Otto Bubenícek (1992), Yohan Stegli (1998), Aleix Martínez (2008), Zhaoqian Peng (2009), Emanuel Amuchástegui, Christopher Evans (2010) and Madoka Sugai (2012).

Visit the "Prix de Lausanne's" official web site for more information about the competition.

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