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From the romantic-classical repertoire of the 19th century no ballet, apart from the danish Bournonville canon, has been handed down as choreographically complete as Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot's "Giselle" (1841). Such a successful mating of plot and steps, even for to-day's audiences, is in no small measure due to a libretto finely dramatised through the choreography. Giselle, thus stands separate from the three great Tchaikovsky ballets, where incompleteness and vagaries of plot prove problematic to a discerning dance public. The mythical "Swan Lake", the fairy-tale "Sleeping Beauty" and the bizarre "Nutcracker" demand to be re-thought on dramatic terms. The handed down parts of pure dance from these ballets (e.g. the 2nd white act of "Swan Lake"), which have made them the classics they have become, need to be bedded in a more or less new dramatic frame. In the case of "Giselle", there is surely no need of change expect, within the structure we now posses, to breathe new life and nature its dramatic strengths.
John Neumeier, June 1983

Change of cast for "Giselle" on February 19 and 20
On February 19, the roles of Giselle and Herzog Albert will be danced by Carolina Agüero and Christopher Evans, instead of by Alina Cojocaru and Alexandr Trusch as initially announced. For the performance of February 20, Silvia Azzoni and Alexandre Riabko will take over the main roles. Full casting here

Fantastic ballet in two acts
at the Hamburg State Opera
February 10, 12, 16, 17, 19 and 20, 2016 | 7.30 PM
July 16, 2016 | 8.00 PM

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ON TOUR – Chicago/Tokyo

At the end of February, the Hamburg Ballet will start its third major tour of this season, encompassing two continents. The company makes its return visit to the Harris Theater in Chicago with two iconic performances: John Neumeier's interpretation of Shakespeare's tragedy "Othello" will be presented on February 23 and 24. This performance of "Othello" is part of the international "Shakespeare 400 Chicago" celebration of the playwright's 400-year legacy. On February 26 and 27 the Hamburg Ballet will perform John Neumeier's masterpiece "Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler". These two performances had to be rescheduled from February 2014 due to an electrical fire at the Harris Theater which made the Hamburg Ballet's performances impossible.

From March 4 to 13, the Hamburg Ballet will visit the concert hall Bunka Kaikan in Tokyo. The Japanese audience can look forward to "Liliom" (March 4, 5 and 6) and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (March 11, 12 and 13). At the gala performance "The World of John Neumeier" on March 8 and 9, ballet fans will have the chance to experience in full the world of this truly great choreographer.

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In April 2016, the "Young Choreographers" of the Hamburg Ballet will return to the opera stabile with their own creations, building on the success of the last edition of the series. The performances will take place at the opera stabile on April 15, 17 (2x) and 20, 2016. Although the number of seats is reduced (ca. 120 seats), the location brings the audience much closer to the dancers.

Advance booking for the "Young Choreographers" will begin on Monday, February 15, 2016!

Young Choreographers
at the Hamburg State Opera – opera stabile
April 15, 17 and 20, 2016 | 7.00 PM
April 17, 2016 | also 2.00 PM



John Neumeier is one of the recipients of the 2015 Kyoto Prize, established in 1985 by the Inamori Foundation in Japan. The Prize Presentation Ceremony and a press conference was held in the presence of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado and other audience from political, business and the academic worlds at the Kyoto International Conference Center on November, 10.

The Kyoto Prize is an international renowned award to honor those who have made significant contributions in the categories of Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences and Arts and Philosophy. The Prize is presented annually. The choreographer John Neumeier is this year's laureate in the category "Arts and Philosophy". The chemist Dr. Toyoki Kunitake is the laureate for Advanced Technology and the astrophysicist Dr. Michel Mayor has won the prize for basic sciences. The winners receive 50 million yen (around 360.000 €) as prize money at the award ceremony on November, 10 in Kyoto.

A complete video recording of the ceremony can be found here

DVD Christmas Oratorio and Calendar 2016

The new calendar 2016!
Twelve expressive dance photos by Holger Badekow will accompany you through the year 2016, including dance scenes and rehearsal photos of John Neumeier's ballets "A Cinderella Story", "Tatiana", "Christmas Oratorio I-VI" and "Duse", danced by the Hamburg Ballet. The collection of large-sized dance images is a perfect Christmas gift for ballet lovers. The new calendar is now available in our online shop!

The Hamburg Ballet has produced a DVD of John Neumeier's "Christmas Oratorio I-VI". It stars Lloyd Riggins as "a man", Anna Laudere as "the mother", Carsten Jung as "her man" and Karen Azatyan as a shepherd. The film also star Silvia Azzoni and Alexandr Trusch as angels, Dario Franconi as the king and Marc Jubete, Thomas Stuhrmann and Florian Pohl as the three wise men. The DVD/Blu-ray is available online.

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Tuesday, February 16

Ballet in 3 Acts
Opera House | 7:30 | 150 min.

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Ballet in 3 Acts
Opera House | 7:30 | 150 min.

Friday, February 19

Ballet in 3 Acts
Opera House | 7:30 | 150 min.

Saturday, February 20

Ballet in 3 Acts
Opera House | 7:30 | 150 min.

Tuesday, February 23

Tour to Chicago

Ballet by John Neumeier
Harris Theater | 7:30 | 135 min.
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The School

The School of THE HAMBURG BALLET, established in 1978, trains young people from all over the world for a professional dance career. The syllabus gives priority to all aspects of classical-academic dance, but the syllabus includes as well courses dedicated to the techniques of modern and folk dance.
The School

School Year 2016/2017
Saturday, April 2, 2016

Introduction to Ballet
Girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 11 are invited.
February 24, 2016
4:00 PM

at the Ballettzentrum Hamburg
Caspar-Voght-Str. 54
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National Youth Ballet

Germany's first ever National Youth Ballet has been founded at the beginning of the 2011/2012 theatre season. The company consists of eight professional dancers between the ages of 18 to 23, and has begun work at its new home at the Ballettzentrum Hamburg – John Neumeier. With its own repertoire comprising mainly works by young choreographers, the group will predominantly dance in new spaces – not theatres, but schools, museums, nursing homes and even prisons; spaces in which dance does not usually attract much interest. The National Youth Ballet aims to demonstrate that dance has a social relevance creating a spirit of community and a sense of unity.

National Youth Ballet


Since 1981, the association FREUNDE DES BALLETTZENTRUMS e.V. ('friends of the ballet centre') supports young and talented dancers within the school of THE HAMBURG BALLET - JOHN NEUMEIER financially as well as idealistically.

What are the advantages of being a member?
Behind-the-scenes insights into The Hamburg Ballet
Tours through the ballet centre
Insights into rehearsals and invitations to dress (final) rehearsals
Priority on ticket orders for ballet shows, among others

Two more institutions support the work within the school of The Hamburg Ballet:
Ballettfreunde Hamburg e.V.
Charlotte Uhse-Stiftung

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