The 41st Hamburg Ballet Days wil open on June 28 with the premiere of a new version of John Neumeier's "Peer Gynt". Alina Cojocaru and Carsten Jung will dance the main roles.

August Bournonville's ballet "Napoli", staged and choreographed by Lloyd Riggins, and John Neumeier's version of "Giselle" certainly should not be missed in a season dedicated to the Romantic period. The international renowned artist Alina Cojocaru, who is a regular guest with the Hamburg Ballet, will dance the leading role in "Giselle". Also John Neumeier's ballet "Winterreise", set to Schubert's well-known song cycle, focuses on the romantic era.

Another focus is John Neumeier's adaptation of literature by William Shakespeare, including the ballets "Shakespeare Dances", "Othello" and "Romeo and Juliet". The Cuban dancer and former soloist of the Hamburg Ballet Amilcar Moret Gonzales will dance the male lead in John Neumeier's "Othello" alongside Hélène Bouchet as Desdemona.

Not in the next season's schedule are John Neumeier's ballets "The little Mermaid" and "Death in Venice", which will be performed on July 3 and 5.

The performance of John Neumeier's ballet "Tatiana" on July 2 is one of the highlights in this year's festival. Diana Vishneva, one of the most famous ballerinas of our time, will dance the female lead Tatiana while Edvin Revazov will take on the male lead of Eugene Onegin. Alexey Lyubimov, guest dancer of the Stanislavsky Ballet in Moscow, will dance the roles of Prince N.. Both dancers, Vishneva and Lyubimov, danced these roles together with John Neumeier for the Russian premiere of "Tatiana" on November 7, 2014 at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre in Moscow.

John Neumeier has invited the Houston Ballet to be part of this year's Ballet-Days. On July 7 and 8, the company will perform three works by Australian choreographer Stanton Welch, who has served as artistic director of Houston Ballet since 2003.

The 41st Hamburg Ballet-Days will close with the traditional Nijinsky Gala on July 12. The gala features dancers of the Hamburg Ballet and internationally acclaimed guest stars. This year, the Nijinsky Gala is dedicated to the 'spirit of Romanticism'.

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PEER GYNT – Premiere

Peer Gynt certainly must rank musically as the most substantial fulllength ballet d'action commissioned since Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet of 1938. This is by far the most ambitious undertaking of Neumeier's career, going even beyond his St. Matthew Passion, and I find that on the whole he has magnificently succeeded.

Horst Koegler, Dance Magazine (1989)

Peer Gynt
at the Hamburg State Opera
June 28, 2015 | 6.00 PM
June 30, 2015 | 7.00 PM

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HOUSTON BALLET – Guest Company

John Neumeier has invited the Houston Ballet to be part of this year's Ballet Days. On July 7 and 8, the company will perform three works by Australian choreographer Stanton Welch, who has served as artistic director of Houston Ballet since 2003.

Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5 served as Stanton Welch's inspiration for his work "Tapestry". The music's rhythmical third movement, influenced by Turkish folk music, surprised and intrigued him. His exploration into Turkish culture led to a photograph online of a dobby loom, a large device that allows weavers to create complex patterns with many colors. "A ballet company is like a tapestry, with different types of dancers, bodies and artists all woven together," comments Mr. Welch.
A mix of classical and contemporary ballet, "Maninyas", choreographed by Stanton Welch, is a small abstract work, which features five couples who move in and out of a series of shimmering curtains or veils. "The piece is a process of unveiling," explained Stanton Welch. "It examines how in relationships, you gradually unlayer yourself, and how scary, dark, and open it is to reveal yourself to another, without protection. The dancers are undressing themselves spiritually as well as physically."

A high-speed riff on traditional ballet technique for eight men and eight women, "Velocity" pays homage to classical conventions in a contemporary manner. "Velocity is true classical dance at its most agile and exciting," commented Stanton Welch. "I'm playing with the speed and agility of classical ballet. This work tests the limits and talents of the dancers, because they're going as fast as they can, pushing their technique and bravado."

Houston Ballet
Tapestry / Maninyas / Velocity – Choreographies by Stanton Welch
at the Hamburg State Opera
July 7 and 8, 2015 | 7.30 PM



The 41st Hamburg Ballet-Days will close with the traditional Nijinsky Gala on the 12th of July 2015. The gala features dancers of the Hamburg Ballett and internationally acclaimed guest stars. This year, the Nijinsky Gala is dedicated to the 'spirit of Romanticism'.

So far, several guest dancers have been invited to participate in the gala performance: Aaron Robinson, Chun Wai Chan, Connor Walsh, Karina Gonzalez, Jessica Collado and Ian Casady from Houston Ballet and Qiu Yunting and Wu Sicong from the National Ballet of China. Alina Cojocaru and her partner Johan Kobborg will be part in this program, too.  Svetlana Zakharova, principal dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, will perform at the Hamburg State Opera.

Audiences will have the opportunity to see excerpts of various ballets by John Neumeier, Stanton Welch, Zhang Disha, Maša Kolar, Pierre Lacotte, Jean Coralli and August Bournonville (Johan Kobborg / Lloyd Riggins).

Nijinsky Gala XLI
at the Hamburg State Opera
July 12, 2015 | 6.00 PM

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Season 2015/2016

When I first read about the Italian actress Eleonora Duse – her mythic career and near mystical life – an idea for a ballet took seed. Disregarding all theatrical effect, Duse seems to have spoken in the most simple, intense way of the essential things in life ... of love and human suffering.

Olivier Messiaen's "Turangalîla" symphony is also an epic love song. Kent Nagano has already explored this symphonic milestone in great detail and I am especially looking forward to working with him on this project.

The Season 2015/16 will present 18 different repertoire works. My ballet of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion will return to the stage of the Hamburg State Opera in April and the season will open with a revival of "A Cinderella Story". Sergei Pro­kofiev would have celebrated his 125th birthday in 2016, and we will honor him with ballets that would have been unthinkable without his inspiring music. His masterpiece "Romeo and Juliet" will also be included during the season.

John Neumeier

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Inamori Foundation Announces Three Laureates of 2015 Kyoto Prize: Dr. Toyoki Kunitake, a Japanese Chemist, Dr. Michel Mayor, a Swiss Astrophysicist and John Neumeier
The Inamori Foundation announced on June 19 three laureates of the 2015 Kyoto Prize for their contributions in the fields of Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences and Arts and Philosophy. They are Dr. Toyoki Kunitake, a chemist and president of the Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry, Science and Technology, Dr. Michel Mayor, an astrophysicist and professor emeritus at the University of Geneva, and John Neumeier, artistic director and chief choreographer of the Hamburg Ballet.

The three laureates will each receive a diploma, the 20K gold Kyoto Prize medal and prize money of 50 million yen (360.000 Euro). The Prize Presentation Ceremony and a joint press conference will be held at the Kyoto International Conference Center on November 10. The laureates will give commemorative lectures on November 11.

The Inamori Foundation was founded in 1984 by Kazuo Inamori, founder and now chairman emeritus of Kyocera Corp., a widely diversified fine ceramic and semiconductor components and electronic devices company based in Kyoto. The foundation awards the Kyoto Prize annually to people who have made significant contributions in the categories of Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences and Arts and Philosophy.

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Tuesday, June 30

Peer Gynt
Ballet by John Neumeier
State Opera | 7:00 | 180 min.

Wednesday, July 1

Ballet by Auguste Bournonville and Lloyd Riggins
State Opera | 7:30 | 165 min.

Thursday, July 2

Ballet by John Neumeier
State Opera | 7:30 | 165 min.

Friday, July 3

The Little Mermaid
Ballet by John Neumeier
State Opera | 7:30 | 150 min.

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July 15, 16 and 17, 2015
Third Symphony by Gustav Mahler
Teatro La Fenice
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November 6, 7 and 8, 2015
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November 13, 2015
November 14 and 15, 2015
Christmas Oratorio I-VI

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Germany's first ever National Youth Ballet has been founded at the beginning of the 2011/2012 theatre season. The company consists of eight professional dancers between the ages of 18 to 23, and has begun work at its new home at the Ballettzentrum Hamburg – John Neumeier. With its own repertoire comprising mainly works by young choreographers, the group will predominantly dance in new spaces – not theatres, but schools, museums, nursing homes and even prisons; spaces in which dance does not usually attract much interest. The National Youth Ballet aims to demonstrate that dance has a social relevance creating a spirit of community and a sense of unity.

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