12.4.84 in Osaka. Japanese

Masako Ohya Ballet Institute, Osaka.
Ballet School of The Hamburg Ballet

Main Teachers
Masaru Akamatsu, Mami Mori, Béatrice Schickendantz, Marianne Kruuse

The Hamburg Ballet since 2002, Soloist since 2010


  • Arshil Gorky (Arsen Megrabian)
  • Let's Keep it Black (Orkan Dann)
  • Under the Apple Tree (Yuka Oishi)
  • Happy Birthday (Orkan Dann)
  • Unerreichbare Orte (Jirí Bubenícek)
  • Flesh and Blood (Antonin Comestaz)
  • Vor dem Gesetz (Alban Pinet)
  • In'sex (Marcelino Libao)
  • If (Thomas Stuhrmann, Zachary Clark, Marc Jubete)
  • Happy Valentine (Orcan Dann)
  • Dictionary Page Today (Marc Jubete)
  • As a Whisper in the Head (Sasha Riva)


  • "The Chinese Bird" in The Nutcracker
  • One of the Small Swans in Illusions - like "Swan Lake"
  • Isabella in Romeo and Juliet
  • Bronislava Nijinska in Nijinsky
  • The Angry Lady in The Concert (Jerome Robbins)
  • An Old Woman, 300 years old and The Choosen one in Le Sacre du Printemps (Millicent Hoson, inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky)
  • Woman in Apricot in Dances at a Gathering (Jerome Robbins)

und solos in

  • Seasons – The Colors of Time
  • Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler
  • Le Sacre
  • Préludes CV

She choreographed

  • Under the Apple Tree
  • Taiyoh
  • Sazanami
  • Sazanami II
  • See
  • Breathing
  • Renku (with Orkan Dann)
  • Ouroboros
  • The Poem of Love and Revolution
  • Hallelujah – Rainy Chord

She staged Neumeier's ballet for
The Tokyo Ballet: Romeo and Juliet


  • 2nd Prize at the National Ballet Competition, Tokyo
  • Dr. Wilhelm Oberdörffer-Preis 2011
  • Rolf Mares Prize 2012

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