9.7.90 in Mexico. Mexican

Academia de Ballet del Pedregal
Idyllwild Arts Academy, California, USA
The School of The Hamburg Ballet

Main Teachers
Claudia Irasema de la Parra Peniche, Jean-Marie Martz, Janek Schergen, Kevin Haigen

The Hamburg Ballet since 2009


  • A figure from the romantic novels Tatiana loves to read in Tatiana

and solo in

  • Einflüsse (Miljana Vracaric)


  • Consul Stahlbaum in The Nutcracker
  • Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet
  • Brabantio in Othello
    and solo in
  • Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler

He choreographed

  • An Urban Orchestration (2011)
    Schauspielhaus Hamburg – Young Choreographers
    Dancers of The Hamburg Ballet
  • Meine Vorstellung von der Wirklichkeit
    Premiere: Young Choreographers, Hamburg, 2012
  • Into this Wild Abyss
    Premiere: Young Choreographers, Hamburg, 2015

He coordinated the Young Choreographers 2015


  • Bronze medal at the "Mexico's National Ballet Competition"

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